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In 2005, the American Driving Society conducted a poll of its members on which breed
of horse they drive, and which they might intend to purchase. The Morgan Horse was, by
far, the most popular and sought after breed, scoring 22%, being driven now. The next
highest rating behind the Morgan was a tie, between the Thoroughbred and Quarter
Horse, at 9%. More competing carriage drivers said they would buy a Morgan Horse
within the next few years than any other breed.
Since 1984, starting with Larry Poulin driving Kennebec Count and Kennebec Russel,
Morgans have represented the United States, spectacularly well, in international driving
competitions. “Those cute little horses” are beating the big driving breeds at their own
This is, by far, the most promising and growing market for the Morgan Horse, and
Cornerstone Morgan Horse Club supports the American Morgan Horse Association
Carriage Driving Committee in their efforts to continue this growth.
To this end, materials are available, from the American Morgan Horse Association, and
the American Driving Society, to make entry into the world of carriage driving accessible
to those who have an interest, and as well as suggestions on how carriage drivers already
engaged in the sport can help to encourage and expand the opportunities for new Morgan
enthusiasts to take part.
If Morgan shows and competitions can be encouraged to card more classes for driving,
and to hire competent judges, this will encourage more entries, and the market for
Morgans will be expanded, and, at the same time, more people will be introduced to the
sport of carriage driving.
Your interest, and your participation, can greatly enhance the Morgan’s place in this
elegant and compelling sport. There are events open to all levels of experience. There are
over 80 clubs, across America, dedicated to driving, with resources to help you get
started, and offering a variety of opportunities, either just for fun, or for the more
competitive at heart. Some clubs have very interesting and informative websites.

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Justin Morgan The Romantic History of a Horse written by Eleanor Waring Burnham (Mrs. Roger Noble Burnham), published by The Shakespeare Press,