The A-B-C’s Of Real Horse Ownership

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A. You need to know the real cost of owning a horse.

Buying a horse is not something that should be done on a whim. A horse is not a status symbol, or a “lifestyle.” It costs real money, every day, all year long, and requires a real commitment, responsibility, on the part of the owner, to safeguard, and maintain the health and well being, as well as the value of the horse. They pay their way, if used to the best of their ability.

B. Plan to keep the horse all it’s life (Even 25-30 Years!).

Morgans are known for their longevity. They may live well into old age, staying sound, productive, active, and often competitive, throughout their lives. They become members of the owner’s family, often serving in many capacities, for several generations. They adapt to harness, saddle, show, sport, and raising children and grandchildren, all with the same loving, giving attitude… that of a versatile Morgan Horse.

C. You need enough knowledge & expertise to ensure that the horse has proper, adequate care and training (OR BE WILLING TO LEARN).

Your investment in a sound,
correctly-handled and started Morgan Horse will retain its value for many
years. People have often tried, in vain, to buy an older Morgan, only to find that the owners, who know what they have, rarely part with them, at any price. Many are actively and successfully competing in their mid-to-late-twenties.

There are a lot of horses on the market, many even being given away (and for good reason). A well-bred Morgan Horse will maintain its value, throughout their long lifetime.

Until you understand the rewards and obligations of horse ownership,


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