Some Thoughts on the Importance of Culling

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“The difficult part in that Americans breed on the English style instead of the Arabian style where mares were the ones they concentrated on, but still made careful note of the stallions. Morgans are bred by sire line almost entirely. That means that some really poor mares can be found down on the bottom lines of a pedigree and no one takes pictures of their mares until they are old and misshapen.” I totally agree with this. My M.S. thesis in genetics was a computer simulation of inheritance in dairy cattle where the bulls are ruthlessly culled (most have long been dead by the time they are widely used for breeding because they do progeny testing on their daughters which means a wait of 4 years or more for their daughters to be milking and indicate whether the bull should used for more breeding or not). Ruthless culling of males is great to improve bloodlines since they can affect so many more offspring than a female usually does but if females are not culled to a reasonable standard it means that culling females at this point works better than further culling of males to improve offspring and the breed.”

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