Rules and Bylaws


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Membership in Cornerstone Morgan Horse, Inc is open to anyone who breeds, owns, or admires Foundation bred and high-percentage Foundation bred Morgan horses. AMHA membership is not required, and members do not need to own a Morgan horse.

Annual dues for membership are $25.00 for an individual membership, $35.00 for a family membership, and $10.00 for a non-voting Youth membership for youth under the age of 18. Each individual or family membership represents one vote.

Membership runs from January 1 to December 31.

Members who have not paid dues for the current year by January 1 will be notified by email, and if dues are not paid by February 1, the member will be removed from the membership list and the chat lists. Dues are non-refundable.

Membership includes subscription to the members-only Cornerstone Morgan Horse chat list on Members are encouraged to participate in the chat list, as that is where the majority of business is conducted.

Members are expected to support the mission of Cornerstone Morgan Horse, Inc. and abide by the rules and by-laws. Prospective members should read the by-laws, mission and purpose statements, and the rules of Cornerstone Morgan Horse, Inc. before joining. These will be posted on the web site, and can be forwarded by any Director from the “files” section of the chat list site on request.


Cornerstone Morgan Horse, Inc. is structured according to the bylaws, with a Board of Directors composed of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, and three to five directors at-large, elected by the members to serve alternating two-year terms.

Vacancies may be filled by appointment of the Board of Directors if someone leaves office between elections. Board meetings are held as needed via private internet chat group, or conference call.

Committees will be formed as needed to handle specific aspects of business.

Committees currently active include Newsletter, Promotion-Advertising, and Membership. Short-term committees may also be formed to facilitate specific projects.

Committees consist of volunteer members, and include at least one member of the Board of Directors. Committees and the Board of Directors shall communicate and manage their business by means of a dedicated chat list. This requires that all committee members have access to computers. Private emails regarding committee and BOD business are discouraged so that all relevant communications may be captured and archived, and all can take part in the decision making process. Confidentiality of committee and board chat lists should be respected at all times so that members may speak freely.

It is suggested that input from the membership at large be put in the form of specific questions, and that the “nuts and bolts” of committee work take place on the committee chat list, rather than on the general list, for the sake of efficiency.

It is strongly suggested that members limit their committee membership to two, and certainly no more than three committees, so more members can participate and so all committee members can be active participants.

Committees will take ideas from within the committee, from the membership at large, and from the Board of Directors, and shape them into concrete proposals, including what is to be done, when it is to be done, an estimate of the cost of the project or proposal, and a specific member or member who will be in charge of the project. The proposal will be submitted first to the Board of Directors for discussion and approval, and then to the membership at large for discussion and to vote on whether the club wishes to pursue the project. In accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order, a proposal put to the membership for a vote must be specific, and the vote must be strictly “yes”, or “no” – any major changes or modifications should be made in the “discussion” part of the process, with the vote a simple yea or nay to accept the proposal in its final form.

Committees shall report to the Board of Directors and to the membership at large on a regular basis. If a committee is actively working on a project or project, the reports should be made at least weekly, otherwise committees should report at least monthly. The Director(s) on each committee should report to the Board of Directors via the Board chat list, and the committee shall report to the membership via the membership chat list. Committees may also wish to submit articles about their activities to the newsletter.

Decision-Making Process

– Most decisions are made by vote of the membership in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order. However, the Board of Directors is selected in part as a decision-making body, and some decisions will of necessity be made by majority vote of the Board of Directors in the interest of efficiency.

– Proposals for any activity that would be of interest for the organization; should first be referred to the appropriate committee for consideration.

– Any member is welcome to propose ideas for activities and discussion of activity ideas is encouraged on the chat list.

– Committees, guided by the response of the membership at large on the chat list, and input from the Board of Directors, will select ideas to follow up on, research what is involved, including costs, and create a proposal based on the idea to submit to the Board for discussion and approval.

– Decisions regarding activities will be discussed and voted on first by the Board of Directors. A majority vote of Directors is necessary to approve a project or proposal for submission to the membership. The proposal or project is then presented to the membership for final voting. If the project is a creative effort such as the logo, or an advertisement, it will be presented as a finished product, and will be discussed and voted on with a yes or no vote.

– Discussion is encouraged during the voting period, and members should feel free to express their thoughts about the project or proposal, and attempt to influence other members’ votes, as long as the discussion remains civil. Please remember that proposals and projects represent someone’s hard work, and it is possible to disapprove, object, or make suggestions for improvement without being insulting.

– If a vote involves multiple options, in the form of a poll with several choices, the voting will be regarded as a “yes or no” vote on each choice – the selection the member makes receives a “yes” vote, the other choices automatically receive a “no” vote. The option with the most “yes” votes will win. Most voting will take place via anonymous poll on the chat list site. Any member can see how the results of the poll are standing and change his or her vote as long as the poll is open. Closing dates for the poll will be clearly posted both in the poll itself and on the list. Proxy votes may be submitted by phone or email to any TWO directors, in the event that a member will be unable to vote on the chat site. Proxy votes will be tabulated after the official poll is closed.

Tie votes will be decided by majority vote of the Board of Directors.

If a project or proposal is voted down, but the members have clearly expressed a willingness to accept it with modifications, the committee may, at its discretion, decide to modify the project or proposal in accordance with the members’ input and submit it again. Otherwise, once voted down, the project or proposal is considered dead.

Members are encouraged to actively participate in the decision-making process by making proposals and suggestions, by commenting on projects and proposals during the discussion and voting period, and by participating in the work of committees. Once voting is concluded, however, it is also expected that members will accept the decision of the club. Complaining about the outcome of a properly made decision is generally unproductive and will be discouraged.

Chat List Rules

The chat list was created primarily to serve as a running meeting of the club membership. Members are encouraged to discuss any issue or share what is going on with them and their horses, as long as the discussions do not run contrary to the mission of the club, and as long as a civil tone can be maintained. Please remember that the archived messages serve as informal meeting minutes, and make sure posts represent the club well in tone and content.

The list will be moderated by the Secretary and the President. These officers reserve the option of closing or redirecting any discussion that becomes negative or uncivil in tone, or wanders from the purpose or mission of Cornerstone Morgan Horse, Inc. Generally this will be accompanied by an explanation of why the discussion is inappropriate.

Violation of chat list policy will result in a member being placed on “moderate” status, with his or her posts subject to approval by the moderators.

Please take personal disputes, misunderstandings, and disagreements to PRIVATE email for resolution with the individuals involved.

Moderators and Directors will NOT remove anyone from the list at their request.

Members will only be removed from the list by Directors after February 1 if their memberships are not renewed for that year. If a member wishes not to participate in the list, unsubscribe is that member’s individual responsibility. The procedure for unsubscribe is contained in a link at the bottom of each email from the list. A member who unsubscribe from the list is still considered a member of Cornerstone Morgan Horse, Inc. until the end of the membership year, and may rejoin the list at any time. In addition, members who wish not to participate on the list may at any time change their individual email settings to “no mail” or to “digest” on the yahoo site.

Any member who is subscribed can read archived messages and post to the list from the group’s page at even if their email settings specify “no mail”.

ALL Cornerstone Morgan Horse, Inc. chat lists, including the Director’s list, the committee lists, and the general membership list have a strict NO CROSS POSTING policy. That means no forwarding of posts from these lists to other lists or individuals, and no “multiple posts” in which a post is addressed to this list and other lists or individuals. Members are free to share information about Cornerstone and its activities with others, but please do so in your own words in a separate post, not by forwarding posts. This is important because members who post to the list do so with the understanding that they are sharing with a specific audience in a closed forum.

While the list is open to any and all discussions relative to our Foundation Morgans, please keep in mind that the primary purpose of the list is to conduct business activities. Cornerstone Morgan Horse, Inc. is focused on promotion and what we are doing with our horses. General discussions of type and specific bloodlines are more suitable to the Foundation Morgan Horse discussion list. Discussions of type and conformation should ideally be of the “form and function” variety.

In ALL conversations on the list it is of the utmost importance to keep the tone POSITIVE and POLITE. No flaming or bashing of bloodlines, horses, groups, individuals, ideas, or organizations will be tolerated. It is possible to express an opinion without running anyone down. A good rule of thumb is, before posting, to consider how you would feel if what you are about to say was directed at you, your horses, your ideas, or an organization you care about. Remember that part of our mission is to be inclusive and to support and encourage people with horses that are not only 100% Foundation but of high percentage Foundation breeding. Any post of the “bashing” or “flaming” variety will be removed from the archives and the poster will be put on “moderate” status.

Outside use of Cornerstone Morgan Horse, Inc. Material

-All communications with outside organizations or groups, or posts to the general list or the files, that purpose to represent Cornerstone Morgan Horse, Inc. or its policies must be approved by the BOD before they are posted or mailed.

Club Representation
– All members are welcome to link to the Cornerstone Morgan Horse, Inc. website on their web pages or use a link to this website in email signatures. Members may also display the Cornerstone Morgan Horse, Inc. logo as a badge on their farm websites.

– Any other use of the Cornerstone Morgan Horse, Inc. name, logo, or literature in a public context must be approved by the Board of Directors.