How Do You Promote Your Foundation Morgan?

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First of all the word Foundation means something. They mean original, un-outcross Morgan bloodlines. But they mean more than that!

These are the Morgan Horses we are proud of. The ones we selected for our own foundation of our own individual breeding programs.

What qualities in character, conformation, ability, or whatever – persuaded you to breed to particular stallions or seek out mares of a particular foundation bloodline? (certainly NOT show ribbons at the Grand National!)

How do those qualities manifest themselves in your stock ? Uniform size? Color? Ability with cattle? Sport horse athleticism? Gentle and willing family horse temperament and disposition? Beauty of head and body? Clear and distinctive Old Morgan type? Spirit? Stamina and Endurance for tough competition? Particularly good feet and legs?

WHAT makes your Foundation Morgans resemble the foundation of the breed in particular.

NOW, if you can articulate or demonstrate those traits that you seek and/or that you have established to your satisfaction in your herd SAY SO!!

Tell the Morgan world – who will watch to see how we present ourselves and our horses to them. If we have peaked their interest and curiosity. WHAT DO WE, AS AN ORGANIZATION, HAVE TO OFFER THE BREED?

Who do you want to sell your horses to? Other breeders? People who will take your horses home and love them? People who will take them into new places, competitions, working ranches, riding stables where they do not limit their instruction to hunter/jumper or saddle seat? What is the hoped for eventual future for the horses you are breeding?

Get good pictures of your horses romping in the snow, pulling kids on sled, or a cutter with bells and a wreath on the side. In the spring let your horse sniff your most beautiful flowers, or nuzzle a cat or dog. If the kids can lead the horses out to pasture that’s a good advertisement for disposition. You have until December’s end to get a really telling shot of what your horses mean to you and then you need to quickly get great a picture to the Cornerstone Magazine to be included in a nice pictorial like the great one they did for the foals last time.

Consider taking a nice Morgan to a local school with a stack of handouts for the kids and invite them to come visit. (Don’t give rides unless you have insurance)

If you have a good driving horse and two seater wagon take a bride to the church wedding, or give a ride to some visiting dignitary?

Think of how you first met Morgans and what impressed you and then make it happen for someone else

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