Justin Morgan The Romantic History of a Horse written by Eleanor Waring Burnham (Mrs. Roger Noble Burnham), published by The Shakespeare Press, New York City, New York in 1911. The inside title page also includes in the title, Justin Morgan Founder of his Race. This of course, is out-of-print. The author’s father was the first […]

How Do You Promote Your Foundation Morgan?

First of all the word Foundation means something. They mean original, un-outcross Morgan bloodlines. But they mean more than that! These are the Morgan Horses we are proud of. The ones we selected for our own foundation of our own individual breeding programs. What qualities in character, conformation, ability, or whatever – persuaded you to […]

Some Thoughts on the Importance of Culling

“The difficult part in that Americans breed on the English style instead of the Arabian style where mares were the ones they concentrated on, but still made careful note of the stallions. Morgans are bred by sire line almost entirely. That means that some really poor mares can be found down on the bottom lines […]

What is a Morgan Horse?

The Morgan horse is unique in that it descends from only one stallion, named Justin Morgan, after his owner by the same name. Originally called Figure, he was born in Massachusetts and later taken to Vermont. Figure was said to be descended from Imported Thoroughbred stock on his sire’s side, but little if anything is […]

They ride Morgans, don’t they?

When Col. Lemuel Platt raised the 1st Vermont Cavalry, he did not have to look far for the proper mounts for his cavalrymen. Vermont featured the best breed available: the Morgan horse. The horse had proven itself and Platt, a prosperous Colchester farmer, understood the breed. Morgans possessed levels of strength and endurance above and […]